Its springtime, there is no better time to enjoy all of the gorgeous outdoor spaces we have on the eastside of Los Angeles from Pasadena to Griffith Park. 

Arlington Garden

Caltrans owns this property--it was originally planning to do construction staging here for 710 Freeway work--but it's been turned into Pas's only public garden. It has an app too for identifying everything all its plants.

Location: 275 Arlington Drive Pasadena, CA 91105

Debs Park

Tucked in Montecito Heights, Debs Park has a lake, tons of trails, and lots of spots to picnic (plus barbecue pits). It also has an Audubon Center so you can learn about all the birds that hang around the area.

Location: 4235 Monterey Road Los Angeles, CA 90032

The River Garden Park

river garden park

Mission architecture and roses give some respite from the city. The park was established more than 60 years ago and is open daily.

Location: Los Angeles River Center and Gardens, 570 West Avenue 26, Los Angeles, CA 90065

Amir’s Garden in Griffith Park

After a fire in the seventies, Iranian immigrant Amir Dialameh took it upon himself to replant a hillside in Griffith Park--today it's nearly five acres of "pine and jacaranda trees along with rose bushes, geraniums, oleander, and yucca."

Location: Griffin Park, Griffith Park Drive & Mineral Wells Road Los Angeles, CA 90027