Here is your chance to win 2 tickets to Hamilton December 5th! 

If you haven’t seen Hamilton I highly recommend it.  It is a perhaps the most significant and entertaining theatre you will see in a long time!  If you have seen it then you may want to see it again!  This contest is only for my friends and clients and there are two ways to enter. 

For each Zillow or Yelp review you submit, you will be entered into the drawing 1(one) time. Below are the links. You can copy and paste your review from one to the other to make it easy.



  1. Go to Yelp and set up an account. If you already have an account and have reviewed at least 2 places, skip to step 3
  2. Review 3 local restaurants on separate days. Don’t review all three on the same day or Yelp will flag your account
  3. On the next day, go to:
  4. Write Review. It doesn’t have to be long, but try and be as descriptive as possible. Extra credit if you can casually use any of the words “Realtor”, “real estate agent”, “real estate services” and the city you had your home in.

Shoot me an email with links to your reviews so I can make sure you get entered into the drawing.